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#8 Kraft Compostable Hot Food Boxes

#8 Kraft Compostable Hot Food Boxes
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Good for hot and cold food, these brown kraft containers look great and have a good seal to keep your food warm and tidy. Made from sustainable board and PLA lining making them fully biodegradable and compostable! Stackable and relatively economical, they are a great all-round choice!

Product Details

Dimensions: 170mm x 135mm x 65mm

Capacity (litres): 1.4

Material: Medium thickness brown kraft board - PLA lined

Ideal for: Any hot or cold food such as curry, paella, rice and jacket potatoes.


Recyclable: No

Compostable: Yes

Biodegradeable: Yes

Microwaveable: Yes

Roo Rating

  • Heat retention Well sealed and made from medium thickness kraft board which keeps heat in therefore has decent heat retention
  • Green credentials Partially made from recycled material. PLA lining means it is biodegradable and compostable as well, so environmentally friendly all round.
  • Look & feel Natural looking kraft board looks great and shows respect for the environment
  • Food protection Cardboard is relatively thin therefore slightly vulnerable to squashing in transit, generally fine though