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32oz H/Duty Containers

32oz H/Duty Containers
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Our compostable containers are lined with a starch based material (PLA). Fully compostable vented lids are available to fit (SOLD SEPERATELY). These containers are high temperature tolerant so suitable for hot foods such as soup but can also be used for cold foods such as ice cream.

Product Details

Dimensions: n.a.

Capacity (litres): 0.96

Material: Thick white kraft board - PE lined

Ideal for: Soup, ice cream, or similar


Recyclable: Yes

Compostable: No

Biodegradeable: No

Microwaveable: Yes

Roo Rating

  • Heat retention Made from thick board to keep the heat in, has excellent heat retention properties
  • Green credentials PE lined kraft board, whilst technically recyclable and widely used in the UK, are unfortunately not easily recyclable (due to lack of infrastructure) nor biodegradable
  • Look & feel Clean white card for an elegant looking food container
  • Food protection Thick card and a very strong seal provide excellent protection